Consciously steering towards spellbound.

Lost In A Moment commenced at El Monasterio in Barcelona June 2012. Breaking grounds in terms of site, natural surroundings, architecture, history and atmosphere, Barcelona became the harbinger for the concept of Lost In A Moment. Since then Lost In A Moment continued to take place under the sky, never full, always airy, operating with unexpected light and unreleased music to challenge and shift the mindsets connected to electronic music events.

Lost In A Moment is neither a festival, nor a party. It is certainly not a rave. Yet it does share one single integral element with all of these: music.

It is a blend of simple ingredients: an outdoor location, a surround system, where together we dance alone. Staging happens beyond, below and on the stage at Lost In A Moment. The gaze is off the phone and off the DJ, everyone losing themselves in the mass. For us a surround system does not just address the sound, but the way in which people – audience and artists – approach each other. They embrace in their inwardness.

Lost In A Moment is a journey to an outdoor location. Be it a mountain above or an island on waters close to the city, a castle just at the outskirts or a natural reserve embracing the urban periphery, Lost In A Moment always thrives for a strong sensation of space instead of just event structure.

With a physical remoteness from regular party life it is all about being where the sun shines. One drifts through different layers of being present and it is this journey into presence that extends a moment until it is perfect.

For sure we are idealists. We believe that an idea thinks itself. In other words, when an idea is set it is hard to stop it in its revelation. And we believe that the revelation of an idea can reach the absolute.